We embroider on textile, synthetic or leather materials, namely on cut or clicked components for shoe and textile industry, or on final products (especially promotional gift items for advertising industry), customer´s logo on working clothes , etc. We use automatic embroidery Brother and Juki machines.

Principal objects of our company are quality, reliability and flexibility for reasonable price. We are able to embroider up to 12 various embroideries at a time. Total daily production capacity is 1,000 pieces of 5,000-stitched embroideries. This predetermines us to start large-lot production.

Groundwork for embroidery can be an embroidered sample, graphic data of common formats (jpg, gif, cdr) or a drawn picture. After ordering number of pieces and specification of materials for embroidering we will calculate the price of each (1 piece) embroidery. The price depends on the number of embroidery stitches. We charge from Eur 0.10 + VAT per 1,000 stitches. In case of small-lot production we also charge an amount from Eur 15.- + VAT for making an embroidering programme.

We use certified, colour-fast, high quality threads of brand-name Marathon, Isacord, Cotty, Fileine, Astra which are included in the price of embroidery. We can deliver your order fast by post, courier post or by own vehicles.

Our embroideries are applied in sports, children´s, work shoes and clothes, on advertising items and clothing. Among our satisfied customers belong not only inland companies but also foreign renowned ones. You can see the preview of the part of our production in the Gallery of Embroideries