We manufacture patches and self-adhesive textile labels by thermo-transfer printing. The material for label can be nylon, satin or self-sticking nylon in all widths of 2 up to 5 cm. We print single-coloured or multi-coloured labels from the wide range of basic colours. Labels are resistant against machine washing and rubbing.

The label can comprise optional data selected by you, e.g. customer´s logo, symbols of treatment (maschine washing, ironing, etc.) size number, date of production, bar code.

We accept orders by phone, e-mail or personally and we dispatch them by post and, if need be, also within 24 hours.

Nylon - one-colour printed label Nylon - two-colour printed label Satin - one-colour printed label Satin - two-colour printed label Self-adhesive nylon - one-colour printed label Self-adhesive nylon - two-colour printed label